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Heart Health

Looking out for your heart health is the most crucial
part of living a healthy life.

Heart Health

Looking out for your heart health is the most crucial part of living a healthy life. Our heart is the central, most integral part of our body that needs to be taken care of. The heart is a vulnerable organ, and we often overlook its care; that is why heart conditions are pretty common in Canada. At Westmount Pharmasave, we have a team of heart health professionals and experts that can help you protect your health from several conditions. Some of our heart health management services are as stated below.

Cholesterol Management

Excess cholesterol can lead to the development of lumps of complex fat form on the artery walls that can block the artery and cause heart attacks and strokes. We provide nutrition, supplements and medication to help patients manage their cholesterol levels, reducing its significant health impact.

Diabetes Management 

It is essential that the patients first know everything about diabetes; only then will they manage it better. At Westmount Pharmasave, we ensure educating the patients about this sickness and helping them curb the effects by pushing it into remission.

Personalized Exercise Prescription

Exercise is proven beneficial to maintain the heart rate of an individual. Depending on the patient's past medical history and present health condition, we provide personalized exercise prescription services to help maintain the optimum heart rate.

Smoking Cessation Support

Smoking can cause permanent damage to your heart and blood vessels. Through our smoking cessation support, we provide individual counselling sessions and support in the entire journey towards quitting smoking. We undertake different techniques to help you choose a healthier lifestyle.

We at Westmount Pharmasave ensure our heart health plans are customized to suit every individual's lifestyle and needs, ensuring maximum efficacy. We aim to use our expertise in treating heart conditions to ensure everyone lives a healthy life. If you need more information for the same, feel free to contact us.

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